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School Events 2011-12
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Larne High School

Calendar of events 2011-12




14th Sept

School photographs (Years 8, 10 and Prefects)

23rd Sept

6th Form induction day

26th Sept

European Day of Languages

3rd – 7th Oct

Year 12 Work Experience

13th October

School Based Care Team meeting

28th Oct

Joint LLC training day

31st Oct – 4th Nov

Half term

7th Nov

Home Economics refurbishment start date

8th Dec

Ski trip information evening

12th Dec

Year 9 Opera House trip

16th Dec

Year 8 Opera House trip

22nd Dec – 3rd Jan


12th Jan

Open Night

19th Jan

Parental consultation Year 12 & 14

21st Jan – 28th Jan

Ski trip

23rd Jan

Exceptional closure – Com/Maths assessment training

13th – 17th Feb

Half term

20th Feb

Parental consultation  Year 8-11

16th Mar

Carrickfergus trip

19th Mar

Carrickfergus trip

2nd – 13th Apr


24th Apr

Key Stage 3 English

25th Apr

Key Stage 3 Science

26th Apr

Key Stage 3 Mathematics

7th May


25th May

Geography fieldtrip

5th – 6th June


29th June

Last day of term


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