School Philosophy & Aims

The High School aims to be an all ability secondary school which seeks to serve the whole community of Larne by providing a first class education service to young people from 11-18 years of age. We believe in a fully comprehensive system of education where young people of all ability levels can be educated together.

We believe that Larne High School is in a position to offer every child, regardless of ability, an all encompassing education.

Each child is important. Each has many different talents and we would encourage individuals to develop their own personal skills and attributes. We want to be a good school and, like all good schools, it is our primary aim to create a positive learning environment. The Mission Statement at the beginning of this prospectus attempts to summarise the philosophy of our school clearly and concisely.

It is our desire to impart knowledge and offer worthwhile experiences to our pupils which will help each to develop into a responsible member of society. To this end we recognise that each child is entitled to an appropriate quality education which is relevant to the world in which we live.

This philosophy is stated clearly in our School Aims.

General Aims

1. To provide all pupils with the opportunity to develop their potential and to encourage and guide them to take a meaningful place in society.

2. To ensure that pupils have experiences which include those that are academic, aesthetic, ethical, human and environmental, linguistic, mathematical, physical, spiritual, scientific and technological.

3. To promote close reciprocal links with home and community.

4. To provide a curriculum appropriate to the needs of each pupil at each stage in his/her development, including the provision of opportunities for pupils to achieve success in a variety of contexts.