Larne High School operates a whole school Assessment Policy, fulfilling the requirements of the Education (NI) Order 2006, including appropriate End of Key Stage Assessments.

All Departments within the school track the progress of pupils through various processes including target setting, homework, class tests and assessments throughout the year. All assessments done throughout the year form the basis of tracking reports and end of year reports. These reports which provide formative information relating to children’s progress are presented to parents. Assessments also assist teachers in planning the next steps in their teaching programmes and in diagnosing any problems where extra assistance might be required. Opportunities will also be provided, at appropriate times, for parents to discuss their children’s progress with teachers, a vitally important aspect of the home-school link.

As well as academic achievements, parents will be kept informed of their children’s performance and participation in other areas of the curriculum, where information might help them assist the school in developing their children’s potential to the full. Baseline and predictive testing is employed for Years 8 to 10 to assist staff in gauging progress in Literacy and Numeracy and potential performance at Key Stage 4. This information helps staff to target teaching and learning effectively to ensure our pupils succeed.

Prizes & Awards

We believe that success should always be acknowledged and that it is highly motivational for pupils to be rewarded in this way. For some, success will be measured in terms of academic attainment but it is also the policy of the school to reward other forms of excellence, for example in endeavour, attendance, and participation in extracurricular activities.

The school holds an annual Prize Distribution, which marks the successes of many. In addition, throughout the year, others are rewarded in School or Year Assemblies by, for example, the presentation of certificates.